How to Play Video Poker

Video poker is a relatively new entrant into the world of gambling. In the 70s, when it was first introduced, it struggled quite a bit to work up a following. At that time it was called ‘poker slots’ because video poker was a lot like slot machines. They are played alone, there are no dealers and card combinations are managed by a random number generator. But that is where the similarity ends.

Unlike slot machines, video poker requires a lot of skill. The decisions that players take during the course of the game affect the outcome. Since cards are dealt from a card deck consisting of 52 or 53 cards, deft players can arrive at the possible combinations and devise a winning strategy. For instance, most enthusiasts would know that there are 2,598,960 hands from a deck of 52. These calculations may not be in your head. But strategy cards, online programs and books help you obtain the necessary information.

Who should play video poker? Anyone who wishes to play a game of skill, with the likelihood of large wins and a low house edge, and wishes to pit their skill against a machine. The rules of the game are quite simple. You can play up to five coins. The machine gives you five cards to choose from and pays you according to the value of your hand.

When played properly, video poker can rival any game. The odds are largely in favor of the player. Some machines even return up to hundred percent or more. If you’re wondering why casinos offer games that have such high rates of return, the reason is simple. Most people who come to play video poker do not know the basics of the game. Mistakes are made so prolifically that casinos rake in a large profit.

That said, it is wrong to believe that video poker is an easy game. Just as in other types of gambling, the advantages have to be properly balanced. The game Hokiplay is volatile and a big roll and a strong stomach are needed to post a win. Since there are a large number of variations of the game, a skilled player must be able to pick his strategy according to the game.

Equally important is the ability to pick the best pay tables for the game. You must also know how to play it. This is something of a challenge because the number of variations offered is increasing constantly. Even within the same casino, different tables offer different variations. So, a strategy that suits a particular game is quite important. In short, it really won’t do to play it by your commonsense alone.

A game that most experts recommend is Jacks. Most other games are a variation of this one. Learning the basics of the game is not a problem, what with related software and training books available. And the game is addictive. Many players who take up video poker never go back to any other game. It’s a lot of fun and it puts your head to good use. Reason enough to try your hand?

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